Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/ Love Letter

Nick Cave is one of the most brilliant songwriters and musicians of the last 30 years yet still has only a cult following. His music is man wrestling with God, love, and a finite existence. It is a rare mix of prolific poetry over haunting piano and perfectly timed explosions…the kind where you can hear his soul melted down and poured into each key. So many songwriters struggle with capturing the most mysterious and powerful emotion in the world “love” but not Cave. Somehow, he encapsulates the rush, the hit, the descent, and the ascent of it all. And no one covers Leonard Cohen better because Cave doesn’t really cover anyone. He puts himself into a song that was never his. His collaborations with Warren Ellis are the sound of catholic church bells. Just give the” Assassination of  Jesse James” soundtrack a listen. You will be, at the least, lost. History never forgets great music. Because music is not human. It is from God. And who knows the mystery of love more than the one who created it.

My top 5 Bad Seeds’ Albums:

1) Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus

2) The Boatman’s Call

3) No More Shall We Part

4) Nocturama

5) Let Love In


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