Gary T. Becks/ Comic Rage

Gary T. Becks work is the perfect combination of clever and engaging writing, a potent dose of erotica, and mind-blowing art. Think Vampirella meets Lydia Lunch meets H.R. Giger.




The Hidden Beast


Serial Killer


Mazscara Action



Gary T. Becks was born in the Washington DC metropolitan area June 18, 1968. He became interested in writing and music at the age of 6 and after a few years of collecting comic books became inspired to draw his own. Mostly a self taught artist, his style is a mix of both Japanese Manga and American comic influences.

In 1980, Gary started drawing his own comic stories with school buddies in grade school, mostly from out of pure boredom during certain classes. During high school, Gary was exposed to more mature, cutting edge magazines like Heavy Metal and Epic influencing his art style into a more darker side of the spectrum.

In 1992 he moved to Los Angeles and completed his first published comic book called Vixen 6 which tells the story of a coven of witches who fight against a megalomanic corporation in a dystopian Chicago, it eventually was adapted into a screenplay. He also created the comic series The Humorville Hillarrions, about the adventures of a three foot dwarf cop in a parallel world California. Another short story series called Fiendy, which appeared twice in Heavy Metal Magazine in 2011-2012, and a collaborative comic strip called Joseph!

It was in 1996 he conceived a character called Noir based off of Janet Jackson’s “look” in one of her music videos called Scream. In 2005, after some slightly tragic personal moments in his life, and various trips around the Los Angeles area, a new story and character would now take shape. Noir had become Mazscara.

Starting in 2007, Gary started the Mazscara webcomic, whose story elements mix horror, drama and fantasy. Mazscara draws from various influences such as Italian and Japanese Horror, Fantasy, metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, childhood nightmares and social commentary. Now on the web for 5 years, Mazscara has gained a very loyal cult following. The underlying theme of the Mazscara character is one of death, beauty, transformation, and retribution, spelling out her moto, Karma is a bitch, and I am her.

At the same time, Gary began to discover 3D software such as zBrush, Cinema 4D and Poser, which took his art in a whole different direction. Gary will continue to expand his concepts and ideas into the future to inspire a new generation of artists and writers as he has been inspired by those of his time.

Besides Mazscara, Gary is currently working on several other projects such as Joseph!, Fiendy and The Humorville Hilarrions with letterset Davis Paul.

Previous interview with Gary T Becks:


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