Oleg Korolev/Halcyon

Oleg Korolev ‘s work is a halcyon dream. The kind of art that makes it impossible not to believe in magic, beauty, and God.

Monomakh Hat Oil,Canvas 40x40cm 2004

Monomakh Hat



Peresvet, Oslyabya, Divine Gloom Oil, Canvas, 195cmx120cm 2006

Peresvet, Oslyabya/Divine Gloom

Prodigal Son Oil, Canvas 130x90cm 2013 web

Prodigal Son

The Illusory Fish 55cmx75cm Oil,Canvas 2001

The Illusory Fish

Theseus and Minotaur. Oil, Canvas 50x50cm 2012

Theseus and Minotaur

Vasilisa the Beautiful. Oil, Canvas 130x90cm 2014

Vasilisa the Beautiful

«Ivan Tsarevich as Algiz» Oil, Canvas 60x70cm 2013 (4)

Ivan Tsarevich as Algiz

Oleg Korolev . I swear. Oil, Canvas 130x90cm 2011 (1)

I Swear

“The Golden Fish” Oil, Canvas 40x40cm 2012 (1)

The Golden Fish

My interview @viragomag.com: http://viragomag.com/oleg-koroleva-new-olde-master/




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