Machine est mon Coeur/ Dream Machine

MEMC berlin B_72dpi

Photo by Christine Burkart

MEMC live G_72dpi

Photo by Jocelyn Trembleau

MEMC live B_72dpi

Photo By Jocelyn Trembleau

MEMC blue 4_72dpi

Bianca Calandra/Gabin Lopez: Machine est mon Coeur

DYSTOPIUM cover 72dpi RGB

Dystopium/ Machine est mon Coeur sounds like floating, drifting, then reluctantly returning to lucidity. Bianca Calandra is a haunting voice in the distance, calling you to a strange home. Gabin Lopez strips the synthetic from synth by creating a mercurial and fully textured sound with no hint of flat arcade effects. This has less to do with equipment and more to do with the artist. Dystopium, (released in February) was produced in France and mixed in Berlin. It is perfection. One song moves quietly into the next like the dream cycle of a child in waking life.

Beam of Fire –

Trainwreck –

Sweet Memories –


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